Bert Flitcroft Poetry

Singing Puccini at the kitchen sink

There are poems which touch upon science, art, history, travel, and so on, but there are many poems here which deal with the ordinary, everyday stuff of normal life which make us grow and learn – being pregnant, going to funerals, watching our kids grow up, friendship, the power of love; illness, music etc. There is much here that the thoughtful, general reader can relate to and engage with. It reveals the gradual unfolding of a man’s life through moments of discovery and revelation, until by the end he has learned to ‘let go’ and relax, and to sing aloud just as he remembers his father singing operatic arias at the kitchen sink when he was a boy. It is a lovely book to read.

'Singing Puccini at the Kitchen Sink' is available on Kindle from Amazon or direct, via the Contacts Page.

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Photograph of Bert Flitcroft
Praise for Puccini
“Bert Flitcroft has an unnerving knack for capturing moments; dramatic, comic, bizarre. Coupled with his sure handling of language this makes for poems that lift off the page; immediately enjoyable but worth re-reading.”
Jonathan Davidson, Writing West Midlands
“Crafted, controlled... poetry with an 'unruffled' philosophical quality. Bert Flitcroft's first collection 'Singing Puccini at the kitchen sink' finds extravagant beauty and big ideas among the smallest details of everyday living.”
Andy Croft, Morning Star
“The more I read the collection, the more I get from it, which is just how a poetry book should work.”
Di, Birmingham